Information Therapy time (again)

The Center for Information Therapy has—in a move aimed at upsetting me personally—moved its conference from Park City, Utah, to Washington DC. Today along with some other THCB regulars like star Health 2.0 Ranger Jen McCabe Gorman, and Craig Stoltz, I’m in the Newseum — the new Museum of news media and the First Amendment. Here the Center for Information Therapy is literally and figuratively moving the Information Therapy debate into the core of the Washington Policy process.

The Center’s President, Josh Seidman, drew parallels between the development of news media in the US and what we’re seeing in health care. Here compared the Royal Mail in the UK with the pony express, and noted that some American innovations were “so democratic as to be regarded as subversive.”

Me, Jen & maybe Craig will be back with more later. Here’s the agenda.