An overdue change….THCB goes group

I’ve been writing THCB since 2003 and those first few years were great fun, if a little lonely. Back then I was a dotcom refugee getting to grips with the American health care experience after a year or so away. Those (few!) of you reading back then have noticed quite some changes over the years. Now we’re reaching over 40,000 visits a month and I don’t have to explain what a blog is every time I meet with a health care group.

One major change has been the growing visibility of THCB to advertisers/sponsors and also other authors. All credit for that goes to THCB’s web guru and editor, John Pluenneke who has nurtured THCB as if it was his own–which in a way it is. Thanks John.

Another change has been the growth of the Health 2.0 Conference that I co-founded with Indu Subaiya last year. And of course on a personal note, I’ve gone from being the fun loving swinging single guy to happily married man.

This has all meant that there’s been less of me and much more of many great authors on the site especially over the last year or so. I’d like to thank everyone who’s written specially for THCB or asked us to co-post their work here. It’s been an honor and a privilege.

So as I break to take an extended vacation (on honeymoon at long last!), even though I’m going away for a few weeks, THCB is most definitely not. So it seems like now is a good time to formalize what’s already been a fait accompli for the last several months.

From now on THCB is officially a group blog.

I’ll start using my byline, and we’ll be adding bios and information about our regular contributors. And we’ll continue to welcome other contributors from across health care so long as their writing is opinionated, punchy and fun.

And also we’re going to be announcing plans soon to really turbo-charge our content and push the envelope further. I won’t spoil the surprise, other than to say that we hope soon to be giving Lisa Girion, Barbara Martinez, Shannon Brownlee, Maggie Mahar and my other favorites a run for their money!

It’s been a great ride and it’s going to get even better!  Thanks for being with us and we’re looking forward to the next adventure.

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