The Unconference LiveBlog, cont’d

More from the Unconference floor:

How can doctors get more involved in using technology in patient care? One point relative to doctor/hospital blogging: "Medical institutions have to get used to the fact that people know they are not infallible."

Doctor ratings? The methodology is too messy.

The CEO of Trusera is at the table, and casually announces that his company is launching this weekend. It’s a patient social networking site. Nice clean interface!

*************Randomly overheard: "I’ve never seen a healhcare conference that’s so full of men. Usually it’s at least half and half women."


Well, the groups are breaking up. I’m seeing a lot of people excusing themselves like they do at cocktail parties–"I’m going to catch up with some other folks," "I’m going to see what’s going on over there," etc. Or it may be the cookies and coffee in the hallway.

I think the Unconference was a big hit–lots of people got to know each other, exchange ideas (and cards). Also some interesting sociology–who dominates a table, the funniest, most serious, the one with the CEO nametag?

All in all, a good start. Let’s hope the Real Conference is just as good.

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