QUALITY: Can coughing save your life? Not in Shanghai

So one friend sent me this cool urban legend powerpoint about how coughing saves your life during a heart attack. The About.com page I’ve linked more or less debunks it, but another friend had a much better repost: 

I ride by bike to work, in Shanghai, where someone coughing and spitting is seen as completely normal, so while I might recover from the initial onset, it will attract zero attention. In my further bewidlerment, I will be run over by one of the drivers of the manifold Mercedes and prowling Porsches that care not an iota about human life, especially if on a bicycle (it’s a small dick thing).

My last few moments will be spent looking up at the assembled crowd of onlookers, who admiring the soles of my well heeled shoes, will be unable to reconcile the apparent wealth with biking to work. In my frustration, I will be unable to tell them that I cycle for my health.

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