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CdwA quick reminder that THCB would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We’d like to give a shout out to
CDW-Healthcare, who were the first gold sponsor to sign on this year. If you haven’t been over to take a look at their site since they remodeled it’s well worth a quick look. They specialize in everything tech for the Healthcare market, from surge protectors to PACS systems to cool little gadgets with blinking red and green lights that look really useful. Your purchases help THCB continue to provide cutting edge industry analysis, commentary and discussion of the issues that matter. Tell ’em we sent you.

We’re pleased to announce CDW Healthcare have signed on again as gold sponsor for 2008. Meanwhile,if you are interested in reaching a monthly audience of 35,000 plus healthcare professionals, wonks and other healthcare observers, we are accepting sponsorship applications for the coming year. You may also want to consider a sponsorship of the Health 2.0 conference, which (unbelievably, horrifyingly) is just right around the corner. The theme of the March event in San Diego is connecting patients and providers. There will be an exclusive, tres cool healthcare crowd in attendance. For details on opportunities john@health2con.com

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