TECH: Bosworth launches new Health 2.0 venture

After several months of sometimes crazed speculation in the
blogosphere and tech press about his last project, former Google Health architect
Adam Bosworth says he is launching a new Health 2.0 company. The new firm,
which will be known as Keas, will be based in San Francisco.

Bosworth is scheduled to deliver the
closing keynote at the World Healthcare and Innovation Congress in Washington
D.C. December 9-11. The title of his speech will be “"Physics, Speed
and Psychology:
What Works and What Doesn’t in Healthcare and Why." The name is a play
on the headline of a talk Bosworth gave a year ago at Google’s  New
York offices dissecting the reasons that AJAX
(the now ubiquitous web development technique designed to speed web
page performance that he played a major role in creating while with
Microsoft) failed when it first came out. That talk was called
“Physics, Speed and Psychology: What Works and What Doesn’t in
Software and Why.”

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