CONSUMERS: icyou goes to the Consumer Congress

Our friends at icyou (who by the way are doing a fabulous job with the forthcoming Health 2.0 DVD) are at the 3rd Annual Consumer-Centric Healthcare Congress this week. They have a raft of interviews with some of the smartest people in the pro-consumer care crowd (Michael Cannon and John Goodman), some people from technology (Sheila Mehan from WebMD) some from the old world of health care (Neal Miller from Kaiser talking about how to bribe people to go to the gym ($150 for going 90 times a year! and Bridget Duffy from Cleveland Clinic on patient advocates— Health navigation they call it )—all talking about consumer driven health care.

Lots to ponder at ICYou, but the big question is why don’t we get to see Nina?

The CATO Institute’s Michael Cannon ranks the Presidential Candidates on their health care proposals.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Bridget Duffy on physician reactions to consumerism.