HEALTH 2.0: Sssh. It’s a secret!

Pre-registration for the next Health 2.0 conference is now open. The exact location and date for this March event must remain a closely-guarded state secret for now, but expect an official announcement from the Health 2.o team soon. September’s conference sold out weeks before the event, so if you want the best odds of obtaining a pass, you probably should take the two minutes it takes to go sign up. If you attended the September 20th event in San Francisco, all you need do is email info@health2con.com with "I want to come to the next one" in the body of your email. Meanwhile, if you missed the September event in San Francisco, we will shortly be making an 8 DVD box with highlights of the Health 2.0 User-Generated Healthcare conference available for sale. Just send us an email with "I want the DVD in your subject line."  We will provide details on pricing and shipping options when copies are available to ship.


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