SPONSOR MESSAGE: PeerClip debuts at Health2.0

The volume of online content targeted at doctors is growing exponentially and includes everything from vertical search, care forums and audio files, to video postings, journal articles, blogs and CME. Yet, with health 2.0 ready to become health 3.0, physicians still don’t have a tool that helps them aggregate all of this information in one location…easily.

And so comes PeerClip, a social bookmarking tool that enables physicians to organize and store online content in a couple of easy steps. While we admit that the notion of social bookmarking is not new, a social bookmarking community exclusively for physicians is novel. Though social bookmarking is the foundation of PeerClip, we have developed it to have depth and functionality that enhances the value for busy physicians.

So, here is why we think physicians will find PeerClip a useful tool:

PeerClip helps physicians organize the medical information they deem most relevant in one online location.

PeerClip provides a forum to share perspectives on important medical content by allowing members to comment, rate and tag while viewing comments and ratings of other physicians.

PeerClip leverages the "wisdom of crowds," in our case peers, to help physicians discover other key content that has been bookmarked into PeerClip by other members.

PeerClip is a secure private community exclusively for MDs, DOs, Physicians Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners. Physicians will be identified only within the closed community. They will have the ability to set their own profiles and to view profiles of other members.

We are excited to be launching PeerClip at Health2.0 today!

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