A Broker Afterthought: An Acknowledgment, An Apology and A Criticism – Brian Klepper

In the comment section of my post on broker compensation, KWeller properly points out that 1) some states regulate broker commissions more stringently than Florida does and 2) I do a disservice to brokers who practice without financial conflict. He is right, and I apologize to anyone whose practice is at odds with my description.

On the other hand, as several other commenters noted, the practices I described are well-known and widespread, and they occur because the brokerage profession does not self-regulate very effectively. (If it makes anybody feel better – it shouldn’t – neither do many other groups of health care professionals.)

So if you’re not one of the broker’s I was referring to, please excuse me then for pointing to the poor behavior of your colleagues. I wouldn’t have tarred you with the same brush if you had held your fellow brokers to a higher standard of practice.

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