It’s Dawned On The New York Times Too – Brian Klepper

It would have been hard for the Times to have lobbed the Health 2.0 conference a slower pitch. They have a nice piece today, Dr. Google and Dr. Microsoft, explaining how, as health care information becomes increasingly centered around and focused on patients, the various IT giants are mobilizing. They’re competing to provide solutions that put the patient in control but that ensures that their information is secure, accessible and useful to all the parties involved. The article pays the most attention to the two behemoths, Google and Microsoft, but acknowledges the larger cast of characters who are in this space, most of whom will be presenting at Matthew and Indu’s meeting in San Francisco on September 20.

While the Times article is a good overview that acknowledges the significant challenges facing each of the entrants to Health 2.0 space, it is still just a taste. To get a richer flavor of the upcoming meeting and a deeper sense of what one of the players, Google Health, is probably up to, read through Vince Kuraitis’  very thorough analysis. It certainly was an eye-opener for me.

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