TECH: Google trying to use Sicko to sell keyword advertising

Does negative press make health care companies Sicko? The solution is to buy a Google adword…Yup, that’s the headline of a come-on post on the Google Health Advertising Blog!

Wonder if the “health advertising team” at Google isn’t trying a little too hard given that the folks working on the separate health project at Google have also been more than a little negative on the current state of the health care system (to say the least!). Mind you this approach did work (for Google at least) in the middle of the KP HealthConnect Justen Deal drama, when the KP PR team bought the words “Justen Deal” and put up an a Google adword explaining their side of the story.

Much more over at ZDNet. More from me on Sicko tomorrow, and no I still haven’t seen it yet!

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