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Kaiser Permanente’s Care Management Institute (CMI) is a unique,
pioneering institution with a mandate to drive, fund, and catalyze care
management activities throughout our non-profit HMO. CMI strives "to
make the right thing easier to do. The Center for Health Care Delivery is creating a new Knowledge Service/Evidence unit. The Practice Leader, Knowledge Services will focus on Knowledge Services and guideline development. In conjunction with the CMI Manager, CMI Evidence Methodologist and Medical Director, Center for Health Care Delivery, this position initiates, coordinates, and facilitates the development, revision and dissemination of national evidence-based guidelines  designed to improve member outcomes and organizational performance throughout KP.Responses to: Carol.H.Cain@kp.org.

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Date   May 2007

Title Practice Leader,
Knowledge Services

Writer   Denise Myers

Supervisor Title Manager,
Clinical Development

Supervisor Denise Myers 

Department Care Management

Location Oakland, CA 


  • In conjunction with 
    the CMI Manager, CMI Evidence Methodologist and Medical Director, Center
      for Health Care Delivery, initiates, coordinates, and facilitates the
      development, revision and dissemination of national evidence-based guidelines
      designed to improve member outcomes and organizational performance throughout  KP.
  • In conjunction with
      leadership of National Guideline Directors, sets the overall direction
      of evidenced-based guideline development and integration into clinical
      practice to address key organizational, clinician, and member needs.  Assists in the prioritization of national core guidelines by continually  identifying industry, market, and clinical trends that are applicable
      to KP’s delivery of care.
  • Provides leadership
      and expert consultation on the scope, design, development, implementation,
      and enhancement of the National Guidelines, including partnership with
      regional Guideline Directors and Methodologists and Program-level leaders
      including the KP Health Connect Clinical Oversight Group and Decision
      Support services.  Leads CMI efforts to assess third party content vendors
      and potential business partners
  • Manages and directs
      CMI knowledge products and guideline staff leading national guideline
      teams, assists in the selection of Guideline Clinical Leads and  project
      managers and helps coordinate organization of inter-regional guideline
      development teams to ensure appropriate skills, perspective, and expertise. 
  • Works with other
      CMI and interregional Guideline Directors to effectively communicate
      and implement CMI’s national guidelines.  Incorporates feedback
      from clients to inform product design and to enhance program effectiveness.
  • Establishes and
      maintains effective working relationships both internal and external
      to KP.  Engages and sustains physician and other health care clinician
      support for CMI initiatives.  Represents CMI and consults or leads
      KP project teams as appropriate.
  • Responsible for
      hiring, training, development, supervision, coaching, and evaluation
      of Knowledge Services staff involved in National Guideline-related projects.


The Knowledge Services Practice
Leader will be responsible for:

  • leading and managing
      CMI’s National Guidelines development, revision and implementation
      activities under the direction of the National Guideline Directors and
      according to the National Common Methodology
  • overseeing and advising
      the definition, development, and enhancement of National Evidence-based
      Guideline programs
  • supporting KP Regions
      and local areas in successful dissemination of these guidelines
  • ensuring alignment
      of  evidence- based activities across CMI’s functional units
  • supporting CMI senior
      leadership in the definition and attainment of strategic and operational


  • CMI professional
      and management staff on a daily basis
  • KP Regional Guideline
      Directors, clinical and operational leaders on a regular basis.
  • KP National Guideline
      Directors and Methodologist on a regular basis.
  • Individuals from
      external – organizations on an occasional basis.
  • External content
      developers and vendors


  • Bachelor’s degree
      in business, health sciences, or related field or equivalent experience
      required.  Master’s degree in Public Health in areas of epidemiology
      or biostatistics  preferred.
  • 7+ years of experience
      in a health care setting, preferably with demonstrated expertise in
      applied quantitative statistics, research methods (study design, critical
      appraisal and analysis or equivalent experience required.   
  • Knowledge of internet
      search engines and databases; demonstrated expertise in searching for
      scientific literature on the internet
  • Supervisory experience
      preferred.  Kaiser Permanente experience preferred.


Word Processing:

    X  Inputs and edits
    standard text for routine correspondence and reports.

    sorts and merges, prints mass mailings, selects font attributes and

    X  Inputs scientific,
    legal, or bilingual text or develops routine macros; multiple columns;
    routine tables; automatic footnotes, endnotes, or tables of contents.

    complex tables and charts (e.g. mathematical formulas, headers, font
    changes, highlighting, split cells).  Imports and exports data
    and graphics files.

    complex macros.



    X  Inputs and updates
    data to established spreadsheets.

    X  Designs routine
    spreadsheets, sets up routine formulas, prints desired selections.

    complex spreadsheets, with multiple-functions formulas, and prints desired
    sections.  Creates graphs and charts.

    X  Links spreadsheets. 
    Imports or exports spreadsheets to data or word processing files. 
    Creates graphics files and exports to word processing.

    complex spreadsheets involving statistical formulas or construction
    of look-up tables.  Develops complex macros.



    or edits data to existing database files.

    up new database files and recommends screen improvements.

    pre-established reports and develops routine data lists through the
    report writer.

    and implements program modifications and improvements.  Imports
    and exports data.

    complex management or scientific reports, using multiple databases.



  • Microsoft Office
      (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access)
  • Lotus Notes


  • Proven leadership
      skills in project management, consulting  and group facilitation
      skills.. Must exhibit efficiency, collaboration, candor, openness, and
      results orientation.
  • Experience in developing
      evidence based knowledge products including guidelines and integration
      into electronic medical record systems.
  • Demonstrated supervisory
      skills and management of high performing teams.
  • Solid understanding
      of KP operations, industry trends, and the history and potential of
      Kaiser Permanente.
  • Demonstrated ability
      to effectively coordinate and influence decision-making and policy development
      in support of the organization’s clinical strategic goals.
  • Excellent project
      management skills, including setting priorities and developing work
      plans, assembling project teams, structuring and executing analyses,
      overseeing support staff, and meeting deadlines.
  • Skills in evidence
      based medicine including problem formulation, systematic literature
      review, and synthesis of specific recommendations. Experience in facilitating
      group guideline development processes preferred.
  • Creativity, critical
      thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Outstanding written
      and verbal communication and effective interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability
      to effectively work directly with senior leadership and to bring high-priority
      projects to successful results.


This position consistently
supports compliance and the Principles of Responsibility (Kaiser
Permanente’s Code of Conduct) by maintaining the privacy and confidentiality
of information, protecting the assets of the organization, acting with
ethics and integrity, reporting non-compliance, and adhering to applicable
federal, state and local laws and regulations, accreditation and licenser
requirements (if applicable), and Kaiser Permanente’s policies and procedures.

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