POLICY/POLITICS: Giuliani sorta has a health care plan

Great. So the fake hero who made millions out of talking tough has a fake health care plan. About as rational as Bush’s and very similar.

Giuliani has blasted Hillary Rodham Clinton and the other two top Democratic contenders for pushing "socialized medicine." Clinton, whose failed 1993 health proposals were dubbed "HillaryCare," has said she wants to cover all 47 million people with no health insurance. Giuliani makes no mention of covering everyone. His health care proposals instead mirror those made by President George W. Bush last year, including Giuliani’s proposal to allow families to set up health savings accounts of $2,000 to $6,000 to cover medical expenses, before insurance kicks in.Bush urged expanding such accounts and proposed tax incentives to encourage people to buy their own health insurance, instead of relying on employers. But his proposals were controversial, in part because critics said they would undermine the employer-based health insurance system. Experts said the youngest, healthiest patients would go into the private marketplace, leaving behind those with serious — and expensive — health problems.

No doubt he’ll find a criminal co-conspirator to help run it. What is Bernie up to these days anyway?

But what’s more concerning is that the actual Republican politics will be to attack the Democrats as promoting government-run Stalinist health care. This may well keep the status quo in place even if Rudy is the Republican who loses the election—which seems likely at this point.