TECH: Exercise while working

The WSJ’s Health Blog actually features something about health (normally it’s just about drugs). It’s about a doctor at Mayo who’s working with Steelcase to create a treadmill that you walk on while standing at a desk. While we’re talking about wellness programs at work this might be one. But of course treadmills are bad for some people with bad knees (such as me)—ellipticals would be much better.

Of course he’s not the first. Here’s the set up that VC Brad Feld has in his office.
Now Feld is nuts (in a good way) in that he runs marathons, is a
fitness freak, and does conference calls from his “treadputer” using
bluetooth et al while running. But if it works for him….



As for me? I do most of my phone calls while walking the dog….

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