The BerkeleyMBA Business of Healthcare Conference

The BerkeleyMBA Business of Healthcare Conference is tomorrow. It has a good line up and those of you desperate to see me in the flesh can find me on the IT panel in the morning. Also on that panel will be people from Intuit, RelayHealth, iMetrikus, and Healthline. Other interesting speakers include MaryAnn Thode, the soon to be ex-head of Kaiser Hospitals, N. Cal; Kevin Young from Gilead sciences, and J. Carl Craft, from Medicines for Malaria venture. There are several other breakout panels, including one with Arnie Milstein from Mercer on it. I believe admission is only $80.

Of course if it was the Stanford Business School Conference it would be much better, I’m sure! But when I was at Stanford our football team was better than Cal’s—times appear to have changed.

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