was I wrong? Perhaps I hadn’t delved into the mire of the proposal
enough? If so I’m clearly not the only one. Because that very next day
the organ of the Republican right the WSJ ran a piece called Bush Health Plan Shifts Onus to the Consumer which included this little nugget:
a White House briefing on Tuesday, Joel Kaplan, deputy chief of staff
for policy, acknowledged that the proposal could accelerate the trend
of employers dropping insurance, but emphasized that workers left
without coverage would, thanks to the new tax deduction, have the means
to "buy insurance in the individual market in a way that they can’t
who is NCPA trying to kid when it suggests that it’s not interested in
promoting people buying individual insurance in a fully underwritten
market. And given the state of the individual market that they want to
introduce consumers into (more of that anon via some interested digging Don McCanne’s been doing),
they’re just going to create more and more pissed off consumers—of the
age and socio-economic status where an extension of Medicare will be a very appealing vote-getter.
you’ve got to assume, that must be what they actually want? In which
case I can see the movie now. Starring Frank Sinatra or maybe Denzel
Washington as John Goodman, it’s The Manchurian Think-Tank!

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