TECH: Interview with David Blauer, CEO of Click4Care

David Blauer is trying to raise the profile of Click4Care. He gave an interview to HISTalk a while back, and we tried to connect then. It didn’t happen for a few technical and timing reasons, but thanks to the diligence of his PR slave handler Kim Miller, it happened this week. Click4Care is a relatively new software company (although a lot older than most of those Health2.0 companies I’ve been featuring) that’s spent a lot of time building a very, very complex system for what can broadly be described as care management, sold primarily to plans and payers—with United HealthGroup being the marquee customer so far.

But their goals go way beyond that..to the edges of consumers and patients managing their entire life & health via their software.

Take a listen to the podcast—transcript will be up in a few days

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