BLOGS: A great Health Wonk Review

Michael Cannon is hosting Health Wonk Review #21 up at the Cato@Liberty blog. And unlike some HWR hosters (i.e. me) Michael does a great job of not only steering you to the posts, but summarizing them and giving you his views on the legitimacy of the arguments.  And just because he’s wrong most of the time, doesn’t mean that he’s not doing a fabulous job! This is one of the best HWRs yet. (And apparently I’m James Brown!)

And if you’re not reading the Cato blog regularly you’re missing out on among other things a) some of the best argued views from free market advocates on health policy (which I usually disagree with), b) drug policy and human rights (which I’m with all the way), and c) traffic (which will at the least surprise you in a Heinlein fashion, and those ideas comes from those terrible socialists in Europe!)

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