INTERNATIONAL/POLICY: Compare and contrast the attitudes

Crowd Protests Health Care in China (in the New York Times)

Some 2,000 people mobbed and ransacked a hospital in southwestern China on Friday in a dispute over medical fees and shoddy health care practices……essential medical care was denied the boy until his grandfather, who was taking care of him, could pay for the treatment. The boy died after the grandfather left to raise money, the group said. An official report from the New China News Agency confirmed that a dispute over medical fees erupted at the hospital, but also said doctors there had treated the boy even though the grandfather did not have $82 to pay for the service.

But no one seems to care in the US, in fact it’s fine and legal in the Sacramento Bee

And then one day my husband was in excruciating pain and the morphine we had at home, nothing I could do would relieve his pain, so I called Cedars Sinai to say I’m bringing him in, he needs — he needs something. He needs to be relieved of this pain. And they said I’m sorry Mrs. Christensen you guys are not allowed through these doors anymore, your insurance has capped out, they’re not paying us anymore and your bills are high. And we can’t allow you to come through these doors anymore. So I had to take my husband to an emergency room where he sat for about eight hours, you know, which is the worst place for a cancer patient to be.

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