Cisco has produced a video on transforming patient care which includes discussion from “Crossing the Chasm” author Geoffrey Moore, Jeff Rideout, Cisco’s head honcho Medical Director, several hospitals execs, and a cameo from me. Go to this site to register and take a look. I’ll also be answering questions in the discussion segment for the next week.

UPDATE: Now I’ve seen it. So here’s my take! I may look wooden and my answers are sometimes to questions that I wasn’t asked (oh, the  magic of editing!), but you only have to put up with literally a minute or two of me. The rest of the session is really interesting–everyone else is much more eloquent than I am and the technology featured-especially the instant translation services at San Mateo County hospital–is very interesting. Yes it’s product placement for Cisco, but well worth watching nontheless. Interesting that video-conferencing and PACS are what the hospital people view as the important changes, while I was talking mostly about IP telephony, automating vital signs recording (telelmetry) and location tracking. I must still be a futurist!

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