TECH: Bizzare data theft headline

If you read this headline, what would you think was going on?

Perot Systems Walks Off With Indiana Hospital’s Patient Data

The story is that an employee of Perot which runs the IT systems for Sisters of St. Francis (a hospital chain in Indiana and Illinois) took patient data on CDs home (or somewhere) and left them in the bag when s/he changed their stuff into another bag. It’s unclear as to where or for how long the CDs sat in the employee’s original bag, but it was later returned to the hospital.

It looks like just another “IT guy goes home with data, mislays it” story.  So why the headline that suggests that one of the nations biggest outsourcers is stealing its clients’ data — which it’s already got on its servers anyway? Sloppy reporting or not, the guys at Perot will want to clarify this ASAP!

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