HOSPITALS/POLICY: Another hospital CEO calls for single payer

I put this up because you guys love this type of thing as an open thread. Albany Medical Center chief calls for hospital reform and single-payer system.  Albany Med Center is a monopoly non-profit provider, so it’ll do fine under single payer, but maybe not quite as well as it does now—but it’ll save a bundle not cahsing up its uninsured and charity care.

Oh, and by the way, just in case you were surprised the Senate Finance Committee has found that non-profit hospitals don’t really deliver any more charity care than for-profit ones, and as the list of Boston Hospital CEO salaries makes clear, their senior executives aren’t exactly beggaring themselves working there. Which confirms my conclusion that there’s little difference between them and that we should get rid of the distinction one way or another—and make them look like old fashioned public utilities. (Maggie Mahar is slightly more charitable about the non-profits, but not much)


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