THCB/HOSPITALS: Google plus THCB makes for some interesting stuff!

So a little over a year ago, I wrote a piece following a WSJ article about a surgeon in S. Dakota, who’d opened a specialty hospital and done very well out of it. Today I was futzing around on my blog and looked at it again.  What amazed me was that there were seven long comments that were posted more than a week after the article was written, and three of them were posted more than 6 months after it was written…and pretty interesting they were too. All mostly from people who know the situation very personally…

This is yet more power to the testament of Google, which has swept up the THCB piece in with the other stuff about the surgeon Larry Teuber. Yup, in the Google search on Teuber the WSJ article is the first two filings, a very critical review on a site called Rate My Prof of a poor agriculture prof at UC Davis is third, and the original THCB article is fourth.

So I guess that as more and more blogs get written, more and more people will be recording information of all kinds. And more and more opinions of people who know what’s happening directly will come out.

And let’s not get started on Yelp and its reviews of doctors. Let’s just hope that health care consultants are not their next target!

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