CONSUMERS/TECH: Technology in health in the next decade

Tech trends….

EMR is now banal, aparently its happening, and there’s congestion in hospitals on traffic over WiFi networks.

Personal products Nike has systems that track your health conditions as you run—your new buzz word is the “Body Area network”. Now we have the development of wearable and implantable biosensors. These sensors will be intergrated with sensors in the environment (Matthew’s Note—Intel has several prototype houses where there are sensors checking in on the occupants all the time). He showed us a list of a huge number of sensors announced in the consumer market place in both persona and ambient information over the last 6 months. Plus there’s also gathering more adn more data from “lifesensing”—capturing images and data from every moment of daily life.

Sensemaking is the process of putting all this data together and synthesizing it into results that can be used.

Abundant computing is going to provide the power to put this all together…so one of the most interesting applications is to take all of life data and synthesise it for new resutlts. Accenture labs has designed a persuasive mirror that is designed to change your behavior (eat too much food, get fat, etc—and show you a picture)

Medical telepresence—at “arms length future” we’ll have a critical care facilty at home—doctors can operate robotically on patients at home. He says this is a reach, (My note: actually I dont think so. We already have robotic surgey and we’re slowly seeing the separation of diagnoses and treatment, and the separation of the hands on/therapeutic process).