TECH/PHARMA: Making use of patients while they wait

I have an an article in today’s Health-IT World about technology in the physician waiting room. It features a couple of interesting companies including Phreesia and VisionTree. I met the Phreesia guys in New York recently and played with the product a little. I think as a patient it would be fun and very useful. And it has lots of potential to help out doctors and their office staff. And of course, it’s a great venue for DTC. How the Phreesia guys handle that is to be seen, but frankly useful and not necessarily branded communications about conditions in the physicians’ wating room should be a win-win for everyone.  After all more targeted DTC is better, right?

Full Disclosure-Phreesia is an advertiser on TCHB. VisionTree isn’t. But I like them both! And as you may have guessed I’m not exactly getting rich off THCB advertising.

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