TECH: “Connected Healthcare ” Panel on May 4th

Those of you in or near NYC on May 4 might be interested in this panel, which Stephanie Cion, another overachieving grad student, asked me to publicize. It has the advantage of being short, having a great cast of speakers, and being cheap (or free if you gave MIT most of your parent’s disposable income during your youth). Here’s Stephanie’s promo blurb:

The MIT Enterprise Forum, a great organization known for putting to together useful events on technology and new business opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs has announced they are holding an impressive panel on Connected Healthcare next month to discuss medical technology and communications. The cost to attendees is merely $50!

Topic: The newly coined phrase “Connected Healthcare” — and the related concept “Healthcare Unbound” — refers to communication and medical technology in, on and around the body that enables healthcare professionals to monitor and care for patients outside of the clinical setting. The market for “Connected Healthcare” is estimated “to reach $34 billion by 2015.” Join our live panel of experts from various segments of healthcare and technology who will discuss the convergence of communication technology and medical devices and provide live demonstrations. The panel will focus on the following issues:

* What are the potential cost savings for expensive chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes?* How can businesses tap into the $1 trillion health and wellness market as baby boomers age ?* Who will pay for “Connected Healthcare”?* How are businesses positioning themselves to participate and profit in this field?* Where are the most lucrative venture and investment opportunities?

There are quite a few important speakers attending, including:

  • Elizabeth Boehm – Principal Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Forrester Research
  • George Boyajian, Ph.D – EVP, Strategy and R&D, Living Independently Group
  • William Burkoth – Senior Manager, Strategic Investments Group, Pfizer
  • Donald Jones – Vice President, Business Development, Healthcare, Qualcomm
  • Douglas McClure – Corporate Manager, Technology Services, Partners Telemedicine
  • Astro Teller

    , Ph.D – CEO, Body Media

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