TECH/INTERNATIONAL: Health care globally (mostly about the NHS)

Quick session notes from one on Global care, amusingly chaired by Humphrey Taylor my old boss from Harris

Pfizer thinks that integrated care looking at all the costs and benefits should  be counted. Prevention and DM does work.

Dr Reddy CEO Apollo Hospitals 

His hospitals can do heart surgery as well for 1/10th the US price, and wants to become a global HC destination. Not only do they give the same level of care, but they also have all kinds of eastern therapy that helps recovery. He calls this global access to health care.

Richard Granger, Director IT, NHS UK

He wanted to take the opportunity to “purvey some facts” to those of us who read newspapers. He thinks its fascinating that in the US most primary care is delivered in paper. 200K users of NHS system; mass roll-out has commenced. He finds that the supply chain is immature, and most IP is on a jurisdictional basis, with little ability to transfer. That works on a country by country basis, unlike any other software market. Some of the risks are put on suppliers, and you’ve seen the result (he forecast that some would get in trouble 2 years ago and said he would hold them to their contracts).

Now putting risk to patients, and he thinks that consumer pressure will overcome provider resistance. In addition there’s a grey market across jurisdiction (similar to Amazon) and that will happen in pharmaceuticals in Europe and globally. Many professionals in healthcare have been careful to constrain information “liquidity”

No more than 80m emails sent in last year—messages that weren’t sent before. Now information will start to move and question will be how to accredit that information.

PACS-over 50% adoption in southern region is digital Xray, now available everywhere in the system. Digitizing a hospital a week — he thinks that as a consequence of this there’ll be much more remote reporting eliminating the barriers for craft guilds. Money from NHS will therefore start moving to the expertise and leaving it in India.

Connectivity—NHS will have biggest VPN in world next year.

99% of PCP records exist digitally but only just started having that information move around the country. That will save costs and breakdown the providers guild mentality.

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