THCB: Crass commericalism

So THCB is making a little progress. Over to the right, that squirrel with a tough nut to crack is an ad from the Healthy Oregon Plan –  a group supporting ballot measure 111 promoting universal health care in Oregon. Although I’m generally in sympathy with the cause, this in not an endorsement, it’s an ad. So THCB is moving very slowly into the world where political campaigns use us to advertise themselves, and raise funds. So go take a look, give money if you like, and one day I’ll be as rich as Instapundit or Atrios.

There’ll be more ads coming soon…hopefully!

Meanwhile, the main point of THCB is to sell my consulting and speaking services. My speaking page has been updated with a couple of video and audio clips, for those of you wavering on whether or not you should hire me for your group. I can fit most subjects and budgets. I’m also giving a talk at PARC in Palo Alto next month that will be open access and free. So look out for more news on that.

Finally in Google Adsense news, this site says that “mesothelioma lawyers” is the highest paying adsense word on “Google. Epocrates” is also remarkably high, for no good reason that I can think of, unless competitors are holding it hostage. My guess is that it’ll be about 35 minutes before Google figures out how to route around the list on the site, but to be fair I don’t really understand how the whole thing works!

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