POLICY: China and American health care

I was reading an article about about political infighting in the Chinese Communist Party — a decidedly non-THCB topic — called A Sharp Debate Erupts in China Over Ideologies. (Traditionally the CCP has been like Republicans, all on message with no internal dissent. Apparently they’re becoming Democrats).

Anyway this one quote grabbed me:

In a subsequent interview with Business Watch, a state-run magazine, Mr. Liu said, "If you establish a market economy in a place like China, where the rule of law is imperfect, if you do not emphasize the socialist spirit of fairness and social responsibility, then the market economy you establish is going to be an elitist market economy."

Now does that remind those of you looking at the US health care system, and in particular our basically unregulated and self-serving insurance system, of anything in particular? I thought so.

(And don’t come after me about how our insurance system is already regulated enough, or I’ll set Jonathan Cohn on you….)


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