BLOGS: Health Wonk Review — contributions now due

Contributions now due. see below the fold in this post for details.


Joe has set up some general plans and guidelines for Health Wonk Review

The next Health Wonk Review is here on THCB in one week. So here are
my SPECIFIC requests based on my somewhat tortured experience hosting a
huge Grand Rounds over Christmas, PLEASE STICK TO THESE REQUESTS

1) In the TITLE of the email say “HWR submission from <insert
YOUR BLOG NAME HERE>” Please do NOT just say HWR submission. It
makes a TON of difference in sorting submissions and not missing any if
I can see in the email title where they’re from

2) In the body of your email please put your name, followed by a
link at your blog, followed by a synopsis of the article followed by
the link All done in a sentence that is as close to how you’d like to
describe it as possible —  so that I have to change it as little as

Bad Example: “here’s something I wrote about healthcare” no link

Good example: “Joe Blogs at the ABC Blog <LINK TO BLOG
HOME>chimes in with this fascinating look at the sex life of
parrots. (LINK to ARTICLE) He’s a little cynical about the chances of
national health reform in the bird world”

If I don’t like your synopsis I can change it anyway, but this is
YOUR chance to advertise YOUR work, not my chance to become an editor —
so the closer to prime time you give me, the less I have to interfere.

3) This will come out on Weds or Thuds next week. Please get these to me by 6PM PST on Tuesday 7th March.

Please forward the permalink
& feel free to submit stuff that you see that you didn’t write too
(especially if its outside the mainstream health care blogs)

My email is matthewATmatthewholtDOTnet


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