THCB: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

I’m still experimenting with seeing if I can get a “jobs and job-seekers” community going on THCB

Telecare Corporation is looking to hire a senior project manager to lead an enterprise system implementation of a healthcare billing / administrative system across multiple lines of care. It’s in Alameda, California,(next to Oakland) and the CIO is an ex-colleague and great guy.

Hi-Mark Software does data consolidation, data cleansing and reporting services and is looking for someone familiar with the “Managed Care” / “Benefits Administration” side of the healthcare business who is well connected to do business development. Prefarable location is near Alpharetta, Georgia but they may be flexilbe for the right person

If that sounds like you, email me and I’ll put you in touch. And if you’re looking but these aren’t for you, I get calls from head hunters all the time, so send me your info anyway.

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