TECH: GotVoice–pretty cool message solution

Not exactly health care tech, but I find this pretty cool. GotVoice takes messages out of your cell phone or home/office voice mail (It actually leaves them in the saved queue) and emails them to your email inbox as Mp3 files. You can either set it up on a schedule (twice a day) to go get them, or you can download their little application that sits in that little tray at the bottom right of windows, and you can send it to get your messages. So then you can basically turn your cell phone off, and of course you can now forward the message attached to an email.

The messages are still in your “saved” queue if you want to get them by phone, and you can even set it up so it will delete old saved messages (that are now in your email box) on schedule, and if you want to keep a message forever, then you can store it as an MP3 forever.

Neat, free technology, that doesn’t take much effort to set up. Very convenient if you have a more reliable computer than phone connection. The only pain for me is that when I play the message in iTunes, after it stops iTunes plays the next thing on my list which happens to be Joe Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way….all together now: Dun dun dun nun dun der

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