PHARMA/POLICY: Richard Paey’s case hits 60 Minutes

Richard Paey was put in jail for 25 years basically taking pain pills, so that instead the state in Florida can fund his medical care. Oh the prosecutor said that he forged prescriptions, even though at first he wanted to go after his doctor.  Well this shameful attack on a wheelchair-bound patient is finally getting some attention. Last Sunday is made it onto 60 Minutes.

Much of the thanks for this must go to John Tierney from the New York Times, who continually writes about the craziness of our war on patients and doctors. He pointed out in his column that the prosecutor is an earnest man who genuinely believes that he is doing the right thing, and claims that he made no medical judgments even though his entire case is based on his made-up "fact" that "no one could take 25 pills a day". He reminds me of the concentration camp guard, who was sure he was just following orders.

You’d think that, as Jeb Bush has a daughter who herself was in trouble for forging prescriptions, and apparently was just a regular addict, the wise Christian governor of Florida could find a little mercy in his heart.


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