PHARMA: Pfizer fires Rost

Pfizer fired its troublesome VP Peter Rost, the one who’s been criticizing them for opposing drug re-importation.  It looks like they suckered him — he tried to start a whistleblower suit for the way that Pharmacia had been marketing a drug. “Pharmacia offered doctors illegal inducements to use genotropin, its growth hormone, as an anti-aging drug for adults”. He obviously thought that Pfizer (which bought Pharmacia in the middle of all this) was covering it up, but they’ve convinced the DOJ that they had brought it to the FDA’s attention before Rost did. So now that the government has pulled out of supporting his suit, Pfizer can call him a wrecker. So they’ve booted him.

Which leaves one issue behind. Given that his position involved being paid $600,000 a year to basically do nothing, how do I apply for the job?

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