PHARMA/POLICY: GAO confirms the corruption of science forced on the FDA

Just in case there was any doubt that the White House’s filthy fingerprints were all over the Plan B non-decision, the Congressional GAO is out with a  report that call the FDA’s Plan B decision process ‘unusual’. And of course points out that senior FDA leadership (i.e. Crawford and his cronies) forced this over the heads of the FDA staffers responsible for such decisions, and even made the decision before the evidence was in.

The GAO probe found that high-level FDA officials were more involved than is usually the case in decisions to approve drugs for over-the-counter use. Also, investigators found conflicting accounts as to whether the decision to reject the application for OTC use was made before the agency’s reviews were finished, the report said. Also, three FDA directors who normally would have been responsible for approving the decision to reject the application did not do so because they disagreed with it, the report found.

This is only one small battle in the war to keep the creationists and fundamentalists loons outside of science. A battle that we’ve lost.

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