THCB: Email problems

Some a-hole spammer is spoofing ATmatthewholtDOTnet as their outbound address, luckily so far without the correct first name. The result is that I’m getting hundreds of bounce-backs with "undeliverable" email (you know, the MAILER DAEMON ones), as all emails to matthewholtDOTnet by default go into my main account. Not that it’s their fault in the first place but my email and web-hosting service has been unable to figure out how to block them all and just let the correct email go through (i.e. the ones sent to my correct email address).

Worse, this morning some bright spark at my hosting company switched off my incoming email all together, including the proper address.  It’s back on now, but if you sent me an email between 1 am and 9.30 am PST, please send it again.

And any advice about dealing with this would be appreciated!

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