PHARMA/INDUSTRY: Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief!

I was contacted late last night by Grace Davis who is one of "two moms" who is running a blog helping support relief for Katrina victims. The other mom is Victoria Powell, a doctors wife, who is visiting health clinics (and all types of other places offering help) in Mississippi to see what they need and getting them supplies. It’s a practical and innovative way of cutting through the bureaucracy, and it may be getting to some of the places that are otherwise being missed.

This morning they are putting out a call for supplies for health clinics that are running low on medication. If you are from a pharma company or a wholesaler or have some other way of getting them medical supplies, please go over the Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief! blog and see what you can do to help, or please pass it along to whomever in your organization is coordinating your efforts to help.  Many thanks.

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