TECH: The Dolphin Group

Logo_smallThis morning I’ll be doing a webinar for The Dolphin Group which is a newly  formed think-tank organization created by Jack Johnson, the CEO of health plan IT services company AboveHealth.

The Dolphin Group is intended to provide health plan CIOs and IT leaders with guidance on navigating the tricky waters of IT. This is their first webinar with a topic of health plans web strategy, so I’m pretty excited to be in at the start of something new and hopefully important. I’ll be talking about the meaning of consumerization for health plans, and you can imagine I have a thing or two to say. Also on the panel will be Scott Tiazkun, IDC heathcare analyst, and Bruce Madderom, director of ebusiness, Affinity Health Plan — who between them will actually know something about health plans and their web strategy!

It’s theoretically for health plan CIOs, but I suspect that if you ask nicely here they might let you watch it.  On the other hand, I’ll be posting a report about it later today.

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