HEALTH PLANS: Kaiser/Gadfly update

So the court case was held this morning, and the court issued an injunction telling the Gadfly to take down the pages with the patient information (and I assume the system diagrams too).  That’s pretty much what I expected, althought the Gadfly is a little upset about what she perceives to be biased treatment from the court in her Corporate Ethics blog

The real question is whether the Department of Managed Health Care looks into this further, as it said it would — it claimed that it would have a hearing in the notice it issued to the Gadfly if she asked for one. I don’t know as yet whether the Gadfly is requesting such a hearing, but as she’s done all the work already for the KP hearing I suspect that she will. In the same press release the DMCH said that "DMHC authorities are also examining Ms.Cooper’s claims that Kaiser Permanente’s computer systems previously allowed public access to the same patient information." If I was KP I’d be hoping that this would all go away, as the threat of that latter investigation is probably most damaging to them–if of course it actually happens. I just hope that I don’t get supoenaed because I’d have to plead the Fifth (that’s an inside joke for you Ali G fans).

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