TECHNOLOGY/CONSUMERS: Body-Scanning Clinics didn’t make it

Amazingly enough even the American public eventually couldn’t produce enough marks interested in generating a false positive using cash out of their own pocket to keep the body-scanning clinic business in operation. It was apparent from some consumer data IFTF had in 2003 that these centers were running out of new patients, and their chances for repeat business were slim. Americans in general don’t like paying out their own pocket for health care services which feel like ones their insurer should be covering, and this kind of high-end preventative service will have a limited appeal even amongst those for whom $1,000 means little financially, once people figure out that their doctor regards it as a pain rather than a good idea. What I found most interesting was the business destination of one of the doctors in at the start of the trend:

As for Dr. Giannulli, he has moved on to other things. He founded a company, CareTools Inc., which sells software for medical record keeping to doctors’ offices. That, he says, is the new frontier in medicine.

I assume he’s looking for a quick score there, too. Good luck, mate!

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