About THCB

The Health Care Blog (THCB) has acquired a
reputation as one of the most respected independent voices in the healthcare
industry. The Wall Street Journal calls us "among the most widely read insider
publications in the field.
Web MD calls us “a free-wheeling discussion of the latest healthcare developments."

Started in August 2003, for most of the first five years of its existence THCB was the mostly exclusive domain of Matthew Holt, who still owns and runs THCB. But a mix of increased consulting work and the growth of the Health 2.0 Conference that
Matthew co-founded with Indu Subaiya in 2007 limited Matthew's time to write every day. And the growth of readership (from a few each day to over 80,000 visits in October 2008) and the interest of other people in writing on THCB has all meant that there's been less of Matthew and much more of
many great authors on the site. And so in March 2008 THCB officially became a group blog, in which all authors (including Matthew) started to use their own byline. (For posts prior to March 2008, no byline means Matthew was the author)

THCB prints original material from many contributors (some regular, some not so regular) and reprints (by permission) great posts from other bloggers. If you are interest in writing something for us, take a look at our writer's guidelines.

John Irvine is the managing editor and handles business development. Requests for information about advertising should go to him.

And Matthew is not sure whether he should be happy or chagrined but since the change to the group blog status, readership has more than doubled!

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