BLOGS: Other stuff that’s worth a look

Between the back and forth with Medpundit and the DSM stuff I’ve had to be all too brief on some other great stuff. But it’s worth taking a look at

    • Dr. Ron Grelsamer’s new Knee Hip Pain Blog, which has a wryly amusing look at how surgeons (try to) deal with insurers
    • The new libertarian HC Blog, isemmelweis written by Trapper, a young but sadly all too experienced patient. Like the rest of the health care libertarians it’s nuts highly theoretical and impractical, but it is interestingly so.
    • Don Berwick likes what he sees about the UK’s NHS and its attempt to improve quality.

Note to self–I have too much in the hopper at the moment, but hopefully will get back to these issues soon. Also have to deal with the new cancer treatment scenarios, the recent study on EMRs and finally, finally, must finish my piece on King/Drew.

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