HOSPITALS: Trying to put King/Drew in context

There’s a really interesting series in the LA Times about King/Drew Medical Center.  The first article is called Deadly errors and politics betray a hospital’s promise, and the second is called Underfunding is a myth, but the squandering is real. Things are not good at King/Drew and have not been good for some time (possible since its founding). However, there are some reasons why that’s the case. Furthermore, (in a mostly unspoken way) this is somewhat being reduced to an issue about race, with some pretty negative connotations being made. And there’s a lot more to it than that.

I’ll say a lot more about this later in an attempt to put both the health care and the politics in some context, but for now go read the articles. (Apologies to my Monday readers but I’ve been crunched on something else the last few days).

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