POLITICS: Has Prop 72 won?

And if you weren’t convinced by the exit poll debacle, the terrorist lockdown in Ohio, the trashing of the optical scan tapes in Florida, and all the other bullshit that’s gone on in the electoral process (not to mention the "spoiled ballots" and felons list of 2000), then get this.

Apparently with all the late votes tallied Proposition 72 actually won in California. Or did it. Maybe it was a clerical error? Who the hell knows, but given that the excess votes came from heavily Democratic LA County and Contra Costa County, there may have been enough to move it over the line.

In any event, THCB is now officially on record as stating that voting and running elections needs to be taken away from the states and counties and given to a non-partisan, non-corruptible government agency that is focused purely on its mission. Perhaps the Hong Kong police force could do the job if the Dalai Lama or the Norwegian foreign ministry is unavailable.

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