TECHNOLGY/QUALITY: Carolyn Clancy says DSM works; Sam Ho agrees; Arnie Milstein says that we’ll cut costs just in time

No cats for Friday blogging, but people blogging instead, as I went to the ballpark witha camera today. Here are some of the people I’ve been watching and chatting with.

Carolyn Clancy, Head of AHQR

Shorter Clancy: AHQR is bought into the concept of DSM adn using IT for it, but that there’s a disaggregated messed up medical system. but there are beacons of hope where cardiac care, etc has been improved

Sam Ho, Pacificare

Shorter Sam Ho, Pacificare CMO. Need to focus on particular patients based on predictive relative risk. Use case management and incentives wth physician groups to improve DM enrollment. It works and saves money, and Pacificare is integrating a huge range of IT functions across the board to get it down via their portal.

Arnie Milstein, MD and Sharkmeister

Shorter Arnie Milstein: The cost of care is going up too fast and that low wage earners are seeing it at 35% of total wages. That’s the shark (chart not online — imagine the difference between 2 lines with teeth!) who’s jaws can’t be shut. Crossing the Chasm is an engineer’s report about supporting the people who have to get more efficient than the advanced technology coming down the road will cost. He thinks that we can take out 25% on costs and increase efficiency by 40%.

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