POLITICS: A reply to my wanted ad

Dear Sir

Please consider me for the position outlined in your ad of 11/4/04. I believe I am eminently qualified for the position outlined in the job description. I have over 30 years experience the elimination of human rights, promote torture, plunge their children into monstrous debt, and aid in the elimination of civil liberties at home and international law abroad. Coincidently, I am of faith based on an obscure interpretation of vague texts written 1900 years ago, selected several centuries later by a brutal dictator who wanted his subjects to worship him as God; although my adherence is only when convenient. I am strongly opposed to the principles of the Enlightenment and rational thought.

I hope you will consider me for the position, as I am currently between careers. I would need an advance for moving expenses as my assets have been frozen. This link is to my CV.

(Ed’s note: While unlike Republican Joe Crea who forwarded me this application I didn’t know that this guy was a Bush fan, I knew that his “friend” was).

OK. That’s the last word on the non-HC parts of the election, apart from the minor celebration that we in the reality-based world must have at the fact that theocratic fascist AG John Ashcroft has quit. Even Bush will struggle to replace him with someone worse, assuming David Duke doesn’t want the job.

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