POLITICS: Dateline Nevada

So I’m in Vegas, which is in Nevada, and I’m getting a flavor of what a “swing state” means and where all the billion dollars (mostly raised from California & New York) has gone. Every single commercial is about the election. In California it wasn’t a quarter this bad when Arnie was running 2 per commercial break during the recall election. Not only does Kerry flip-flop on the war and Bush suck on the deficit, but lawyers and doctors are fighting on 3 separate malpractice propositions. And all this for the votes of 2 million people? About time something was done about the electoral college for the health of the populations of the swing states and the relative financial state of TV stations in Vegas and Los Angeles. Los Angeles is basically 9 times the size of Nevada, but tell that to the Founding Fathers.Meanwhile, congrats to health care wonks Ross at the PublicHealthPress and Jonathan Cohn on the Red Sox victory. Jonathan told me that it was the greatest day of his life, and given that mine was this day in 1997, I understand. Of course, these things come in threes, the Patriots, the Red Sox and maybe another late finisher from Boston?

Meanwhile, it does look like the docs might win one of those malpractice suit propositions in Nevada.

Note: due to a problem when Blogger had a malfunction this post dissapeared yesterday, so I’ve put it back in. I hope that Google (which owns Blogger) spends some more of their massive amounts of cash upgrading the whole thing soon!

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