QUALITY: The “White” Wall of Silence, by MATT QUINN

In Washington state a doctor wants a fellow doctor suspended over malpractice testimony. Matt Quinn (again endearing himself to my physician readers, and now getting THCB on the California Correctional Officers Association hit list too) comments:

    More intra-physician contentiousness regarding the malpractice issue with some advocating reprisals on docs who serve as expert witnesses against other docs… I thought that was limited to cops and prison guards!

    While I’m sure that there are plenty of docs who are more than willing to say just about anything on the stand for a buck, wouldn’t having (either or both) institutionally agreed-upon care standards (by which to validate testimony) and quality ratings for docs make things much clearer for juries?

    Again, this speaks to the state of the medical profession… and the AMA and other institutional organizations should step up to take the megaphone away from those who act like children…

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