GENERAL: Round-up of few stories

So I’ve made it back from vacation. The last story (for a while) from Matt Quinn runs after this one, but I thought I’d give you a quick preview of what I’ve been seeing in news since I came back.

Forbes has an interesting article suggesting that Bristol-Myers Squibb may be emerging from its troubled last 3 years. The ‘Buy’ Case For Bristol-Myers

Via the BCBS Association site, the Wall Street Journal has an article suggesting that if physicians just say sorry, it will lower their risk of being sued for malpractice: More Doctors Apologizing to Patients To Avoid Lawsuits

A mere 4 years after we tried hard to sell Cigna the same thing for way less money (not that I’m bitter of course!), they have struck a deal with WebMD for a new consumer front-end to their web-site. CIGNA Teams with WebMD Health: Agreement to Offer New Online Help So Consumers May Get the Most From Their Health Care Plan

Manhattan Research has a new study out showing that more seniors are getting on line and as the younger seniors and “pre-seniors” are even more “wired”, their use of online services for health care will be even more influential in the future. Why drive when you can surf?

USA Today has an article remarking about how far the gay rights movement has come in 30 years while the “uninsured rights” movement hasn’t got far since 1948! USA Today: Advances in gay rights overtake health policy

There’s also interesting stuff from Health Affairs about medical management, more about Sutter and CalPers, and some interesting stuff about formularies and drug utilization from RAND. All grist for my mill over the coming days.

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